Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Moving... on?

I have been deciding this for a while, but the walrus has spoken: the time has come. I don't intend to update this blog in the future unless there are things I want to blog that I don't mind having tied to my real-life persona. This blog isn't really annoymous enough that I am comfortable pouring out my soul, though I do like some of the things I have posted here (and I love the folks who have been kind enough to comment!). Between a livejournal blog that I use to keep abreast of old friends and a lack of pseudonymity that would allow me to blog the things that I worry about, this blog simply doesn't get any attention. Perhaps I will try to start afresh - perhaps not. That's the beauty of the Internet - even I can have a fresh start!


purple_kangaroo said...

I hope to see you around, still.

Scrivener said...

If you do start a new pseudonymous blog, drop me a line and let me know, please.

Anonymous said...

There is power in being anonymous. So should you find that you are venturing into a new blog, somehow let us know where you end up. Thanks for the post to my blog...it was much appreciated.